Hip-hop artists delay major projects

Zach Nowlin, Copy Editor

In the last few years it has become common practice for artists, specifically hip-hop artists, to promise a date for an upcoming project of theirs and then delay it last second, often more than once for the same project. Kanye West, Travis Scott, Post Malone and Frank Ocean are recent artists who have delayed their upcoming projects.

There are often negative effects of releasing an album past the the due date and the main one is over hype. When an artist delays his or her album it is usually for quality purposes, which makes the fans think that they are putting extra effort into the project. When a late project comes out and the general consensus is that it is mediocre, then that puts negative attention on the artists for putting on delays for no real reason.

The constant delays of an artist also makes them untrustworthy to fans. A good example of an artist who does this is Travis Scott. For his past several releases, he has promised a certain date but they always come months late. This has made fans not believe him whenever he announces something new. For instance, his latest album: “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” was originally promised to be released in July 2016, then he promised it would be released on August 5th, and then was finally released on September 3rd.

Often times musical artists delay their album because they want the album to be perfect. For four years fans waited for any word from Frank Ocean. Over those four years, numerous rumors popped up in regards to the release of his newest project. Sources close to Frank Ocean said he had multiple albums almost completely finished but completely scrapped them due to them not being his idea of perfection. Eventually he released his long awaited album “Blond”on August 20th,. Another example of this is with Kanye West’s latest release “The Life of Pablo” where he promised that it would come out in 2015, but eventually pushed it back to February 13th, 2016. He released it shortly after that date but is still making changes to the project even past its release date.

Recently, Post Malone released his mixtape “August 26th”, named after his proposed release date for his upcoming album that is still yet to be released.Malone released an apology on his Instagram and Twitter saying that due to numerous problems with his album that he could not release it on the promised due date. Unlike many artists, Post Malone actually addressed his fans and updated them on the album.

“I’m tired of artists making empty promises,” said Kanani Sipriene, junior.“I’m just sick of being disappointed by my favorite artists.”