New Year, New Coach

Danasia Wills, Business Manager

Starting off the indoor track winter season, with new faces, coaches and experiences, Logan Caldwell, head coach, hopes to enforce new strategies to the runners in order for them to improve physically.

The returning players are beginning to adjust to the new coach. Jeffrey Liles, former track coach, decided to teach at Apex Friendship High School for the 2016-2017 school year.

“I had more of a connection with Liles because I knew him for a long time,” said Nia Judkins, junior.

Caldwell started coaching because many of the coaches he had were positive role models and this motivated him to become one. Caldwell is hoping for the runners to improve just not as athletes but also students.

“With track, we are more interested with recruiting the talent inside of the school ,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell focuses more on endurance rather than sprint training. This allows the players to grow stronger as individuals on the track.

“Coach Caldwell is young, so this allows him to be more open to trying new things,” said Khadevis Snead, senior.

This season, the runners will look forward to Caldwell’s new coaching styles and experiences.

“The most interesting thing about track, is that it pushes you to different limits you never thought you could reach,” said Chloe Rush, freshman.

A lot of new faces have joined the track and field team this winter season, and Caldwell has a lot of plans for the team as a whole.

“We definitely have a lot more people coming out for winter track this year than previous years. Last year we had five to eight for winter track players,” said Judkins.

Caldwell wants to recruit a board of directors in order to start his meet, when multiple track runners go to one location and compete against each other. Even though this may not happen next spring, he hopes in a year in a half it will be accomplished. This will include parents getting involved and making them realize the support they show their child as a young athlete is important. This will also help them fundraise in order to get new equipment.

“Accomplishments for this season will be to finish as a team, as number four in conference or above, and start a big meet,” said Caldwell.