Kyndall Shaw, Editorials Editor

There are many Americans who either fear or support Trump’s presidency. Citizens range from being scared for their lives to being excited for a change. People typically associate those differences with race. Trump supporters are stereotyped as white males while anti-Trump supporters are stereotyped as minorities. In this day and age, people want to believe there is no such thing as racism, except that there is.

Being a Trump supporter does not mean that one is against women’s rights. It does not mean one is racist. It does not mean that one is a homophobic. It means that the American people are ready for a change and one for the better.

A significant percentage of Americans agree with and support his slogan, “Make America Great Again,” while others are worried about the dangerous hate crimes and threats being made. It is the extremists, who make racial threats, that follow Trump thus making the rest of his supporters look bad. Minorities and anti-Trump supporters should be scared of the extremists, but not Trump.

This past election, a large portion of Americans voted based on who they do not want in office. People voted based on the lesser of two evils. Before a voter becomes educated on the two candidates, they typically vote with that state of mind. Trump has promised that he would make “America great again,” which includes keeping jobs in the United States and reducing taxes across-the-board. The end goal is to make America successful and prosperous again.  While campaigning, Trump has said that he started a multimillion dollar business with just a small loan from his father. As an established business man, he has what it takes to pull our country out of our economic hole.

Furthermore, a controversial president might be what America needs to get back on track. With police brutality and racism in our everyday lives, something big is needed to change our direction. Right now, America is heading down a self destructive path. Things cannot get any worse before they get better. Trump becoming president could be that change we need for a revolution to happen. America can break through the hate because we have done it before. We have overcome worse.

Even if one does not agree with his plans, he is our 45th President who deserves respect. If he fails, than America fails.