Senior Football Players

Danasia Wills, Business Manager

Before ending off their last year of high school football seniors  Khalil Khatib, Bryce Void, and Xzavier McNeil, have a few goals they want to accomplish in order to make their last season memorable.

“Everyday is a new day so do not let the past control the future,” said Khalil Khatib, senior.

Khatib is a middle linebacker and defensive line player. Khatib has been playing football at Athens Drive for the past three years and believes that the most important thing to win a game is discipline, intensity, and perseverance because without these qualities a team will fail. Khatib has received three scholarships from Kentucky Christian University, Randolph-Macon College, and Rhodes College and receiving great interest from a lot of  major division one schools. Khatib has not decided which college he wants to attend yet. Khatib will miss the most will be spending time with his team. Khatib’s goal is to finish his senior year winning a playoff game.

“If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything,” said Bryce Void, senior.

Void is a defensive tackle player. Void has been playing football for Athens for four years and believes the most important quality to winning is teamwork. Void plans on attending Marist College, he wants to go pro for the Giants. Pre-games are Void’s favorite part of playing for Athens football . His goal is to make it to the playoffs and he does believe he can accomplish this.

“ Through thick and thin we will finish!” said Xzavier McNeil, senior.

McNeil is a wide receiver, free and strong safety player. McNeil’s favorite position is a wide receiver because it fits his style of play. McNeil has been playing for Athens four years and believes teamwork is the most important thing to win a game. McNeil plans on going to Campbell University and if he does make it professional he would like to play for the Dallas Cowboys. McNeil will miss most about playing for Athens football will be the supporters and preparation for games. McNeil’s goal is to leave the program better than he started and he believes he has accomplished that goal by improving over the years.  

Khatib, McNeil, and Void all want to make it when they get older but if their plans do not go as planned they have a plan B. They are still in the process of accomplishing some of their goals but in their last game, they will be putting all of their efforts to win. They will miss playing for Athens Drive Football and believe if future players and returners work together they all can accomplish many things.