The New Athens Drive Stadium

Danasia Wills, Business Manager

Athens Drive High School received a new stadium this spring. The stadium took seven years to construct and build with the help of Karin Evanoff, an athlete’s mother. The school has previously used the Williams Stadium. It is in poor condition and it is was not located close to our school.

The new stadium idea has been brought up by Karin Evanoff, around September 2008, is when Evanoff went to complain about the Stadium. Her son was a football player and she was a current nurse at the time. She had visited the school multiple times to attend the football games.

She saw many things that needed to be fixed. Evanoff had partnered with the department of Justice for the codes and violations, in order to get a new stadium. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) law had changed 2010.

Evanoff put a lot of effort into the stadium and worked against those who did not want the new stadium because it was too much money and time. She left her job in order to finish the field. She was willing to quit her job knowing she will not get any money income and she had two children to provide for.  

“If your motivation and heart is in the right place, things can be done,” Evanoff said.

Jimmy Ray, a coach at Athens Drive High School for 17 years for multiple sports such as Track, Football, and Basketball. He  appreciates the new field.


He believes the new stadium makes the boys feel nice. Wins will not be achieved because of the new stadium because it is a team effort.

“When you get something new, you get more pride,” Ray said.

The new field will now be easier to access. New courts (basketball, tennis and volleyball courts) have been installed too. A new sound system, Wi-Fi, and headsets for the hearing disabled have also been added.

“No one has a field that looks like ours,” Ray said.