Marching Band adds new halftime show


Photos by Jennifer Barnes

The Athens Marching Band created a new halftime show “Hope For A Cure” based on overcoming health struggles in life.

Along with the start of a new school year came a new show for the Athens Drive Marching Band.  The students involved with the marching band this season began rehearsals as early as June and July for some groups, with band camp occurring late July.

This year’s show, entitled “Hope For A Cure,” revolves around the process of a person finding out that they have a disability or disease and then working through the feelings that come along with that diagnosis. The different movements of the show showcase feelings of determination, discouragement and hope.

“First you are shocked and scared; you don’t want to face it.  Then you are determined to beat it and survive.  Then you start to feel discouraged and weak and almost give up.  But in the end you realize that you have so much to live for and you can get through it,” said Taylor Summers, Senior Color Guard captain; “You have hope that one day a cure will be found.”

The show is developed and practiced during weekly rehearsals after school Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It includes a variety of visual and instrumental elements to entertain and captivate viewers.

The first halftime performance of the show occurred at the first home football game versus Broughton High School  Aug. 29.  Although the show was not complete by this first performance, the marching band was able to perform the beginning of the show, up to where they have learned to.  The full show will be completed at latest by the first marching band competition Sept. 28.

“We have been working so hard on the show and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions,” said Summers, “When we finally have the whole show on the field with props and effects all ready, I know it’s going to be something you will remember.”

The marching band performs their show regularly, both at home football games and marching band competitions throughout North Carolina.  At football games, the band also plays short musical tunes in the stands during the game itself to increase the energy of the team and onlookers. One can also catch the marching band at various Christmas parades throughout the holiday season.