Lack of ticket sales forces Glass Slipper Ball to be canceled

Tashaima Person, Design Editor

Athens Drive High School’s annual Sadie Hawkins dance, Glass Slipper Ball (GSB), has been canceled. This event was supposed to occur Feb. 6 in the upper gym to recognize 22 women that have portrayed outstanding character inside and outside the classroom.

GSB was organized by the sophomore class council, which took many months to complete, but was also supported with ideas from their class council advisers, Marcia Thompson and Whitney Wilson. Throughout their rigorous amount of planning it was the council’s job to promote the ball, and the class president’s job to reach out to different teachers to get the list of nominees and also chaperones.

“The hardest part was trying to communicate and inform everyone about the ball,” said Mary Grace Bunch, sophomore class president.

Ticket sales played a large role in the postponing of the ball. The council began selling tickets Feb. 3 and was supposed to meet a goal of 100 tickets sold by the following day, but the council only sold 42.

“I was planning on buying my ticket last minute,” said Natli Luz Marte, sophomore.

Many students were planning to buy their tickets last minute, so the sophomore council felt as if they would have been given one more day they would have reached their goal of 100.


“I was very excited to be on the court again but disappointed that the dance got canceled,” said Hannah Baldwin, sophomore GSB nominee

Baldwin was also nominated last year, but senior, Kelli Davidson was the nominee to take the glass slipper home. Since the ball was postponed, the nominees were all recognized at the pep rally in the gym held Feb. 5, where they were called up one by one to get recognized and accept their flowers. This year’s winner was senior, Elena Price.

“I wasn’t that upset because I wouldn’t have been able to go, but I was happy everyone got to see during the pep rally” said senior, Elena Price.

The ticket buyers were supposed to get their money back the week of Feb. 7, but there has been no information about the exact date but as of now Glass Slipper Ball has been canceled entirely.