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The newest couple, death or nail-biting drama on any television show continually sparks emotion in its viewers. Often, it is common to see the rage, the tears or the joy expressed on social media, such as Twitter or Instagram. Specific television shows have networks of die-hard fans known as “fandoms.” Is there a limit to how engrossed one should be with any particular t.v. show?

Television shows are created and written in a way to elicit interest and passion from viewers. It is no secret that society places celebrities, such as television stars, on a pedestal. Why do people do this? TV stars are ordinary human beings, just like any other person in the world. Why do so many viewers absolutely obsess over the idea of these stars’ lives? Teenagers grieve when their most beloved character dies and are incredibly joyous when their favorite couple gets back together on their favorite show.

Perhaps the reason for the television madness goes back to everyone’s own life. The stories created on television are so dramaticized and interesting that maybe everyone envisions and secretly wants to live a life similar to their favorite character on their favorite show. After watching the same show week after week, teenagers start to see parts of a life they may want to live, and begin seeing visions of themselves on the show.

Since the teens are then emotionally involved in the show, every twist and turn on television becomes all the more personal. Real tears start to well up in their eyes when the show loses a fan-favorite character. Is this behavior wrong?

There is a fine line between an emotionally invested watcher and an wholeheartedly consumed viewer. Nothing is wrong with feeling the emotions of the actors and actresses in a show; however, if the events in the show are still prevalent in one’s life once the tv screen turns off…there might be an issue.

Television can be a great escape, a place to feel as if one is living another, dream life. At the same time, television can create unrealistic expectations and become so addicting to where viewers care more about what’s happening on-screen rather than in their own lives.

Take it in strides. Let television be a form of entertainment, but certainly nothing more than that. Although it may not seem of the utmost importance at the time, what is happening in your personal life is far more valuable than any on-screen drama.

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