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Cost of Prom is too Expensive

Madeline Bromley, event coorinator

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Prom is just around the corner.  As ideas are filling up students’ heads about how the night will go (pictures, dinner, dancing, the after party), wallets are emptying.

The price high school students have to pay is ridiculous.  Not only are the tickets expensive, but after factoring in all of the other costs that come along with the night, the grand total is ludicrous.

First of all, the cost of tickets for prom is too expensive. Tickets at Athens alone cost $45 a person.  Some boys may pay for their dates so that is already $90.00 out of their pockets.

For most, the night does not just consist of going to the prom.  Many groups go out for dinner before attending the actual dance.  On such a special night, students want nothing but the best, so restaurant choices can become extremely pricey.  Groups try to go to the top ranked restaurants in Raleigh in order to have the best prom experience.

But how will students get to prom? Transportation could also be a factor in the overall night spendings.  Whether a limo, party bus, or a nice car is rented, prices could range from $30 to $80 per person.  For many students though, the transportation is one of the most important and memorable parts of the night.

After surveying 20 Athens Drive students attending prom, on average a prom dress costs $280.00.  On the other hand, for the men, tuxedo rentals can cost around $150.  Think about it this way, for the average student to pay for her prom dress working at a minimum wage job, she would have to work 38 hours just to afford her dress.  To afford the average tuxedo, boys would have to work over 20 hours. This price does not even include shoes, dress alterations and the corsage and boutonniere.

Some girls get ready all by themselves, but the more frivolous girls spend hours going out and getting themselves all made up for the night.  Hair appointments, nail appointments and makeup appointments are all added into the mix.

All of these costs go directly to into looks, which for some reason is so vital for prom.  Although pictures are usually taken, at the end of the night, makeup, hairspray and hairpins all come off anyway.

This night should be all about students having fun with their closest friends from high school.  The memories made at prom should be the memories that are cherished forever.

Good times with good people are what prom should be all about.  Instead, high school students prioritize the importance of looking good and only having the best.  Because of this, the stresses of affording the top notch glitz and glamour can weigh down on us all.

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Cost of Prom is too Expensive