Spirit Week


Students at Athens Drive dressed up for blue and orange day.

Amber Doyle, Assistant Business Manager

Athens Drive High School held its annual Spirit Week, March 16-20.  Festivities included pajama day, twin day, throwback, wacky tacky day, and blue and orange day.  Spirit Week ended with a pep rally at the end of the week.

Spirit Week was formed by the student council so that students can express creativity and experience a different learning environment.

“Spirit Week is designed for the students to interact more and enjoy themselves during the week. It’s basically supporting your school,” said Kirk Evans, senior.

Each student is highly encouraged to dress up each day during Spirit Week.  Students at Athens Drive are known for their out-of-the-box thinking.

“I love Spirit Week because there is no limit or restriction to creativity.  It’s a way for people to express themselves and not be judged,” said Skylar Toms, sophomore.

A tradition at Athens Drive High School is the pep rally held at the end of spirit week on Friday in the upper gym.  The pep rally is for sophomores, juniors and seniors who attend Athens Drive.  Freshmen watch the pep rally in their homerooms on the TVs, except for the ones in certain sports and the student council.  The pep rally is filled with music, sport teams, clubs and more.  The pep rally ends the week on a high note for many.

Students are not allowed to attend the pep rally if they are tardy swept that quarter and are told to stay in your classroom.  This proves that the pep rally is a privilege and should be taken seriously.

“I think the pep rally is a perfect end to the week because everyone can relax and talk to their friends,” said Toms.

Spirit week is a great way to get people motivated and excited to learn.  It is also a privilege and can be taken away if you are hall swept.

“I think it’s designed to motivate students, especially seniors to get through this semester,” said Fariha Rahman, sophomore.

The student council has spent endless weeks planning for the event and were excited to see all their hard work paid off.  Every theme this week is thoroughly thought out to stimulate and entertain students throughout the week.

“The themes are always entertaining and that is what I look forward to during spirit week,” said Jada Kelly, sophomore.