Spotlight on three sport athlete Ben Williams

Logan Pearce, Layout Editor

Benjamin Williams, junior, is a member of the Varsity football, basketball, and soccer teams.  Williams has played sports since a young age and has used his skill to be a participant in all three at Athens Drive.

“Although they all have similar things they’re all different so you have to adapt to the differences every time,” said Williams.

Williams expressed that adapting to the differences in the sports and time management skills are challenges he faces while participating in so many athletic activities.  Participating in three sports takes up a lot of Williams’ time and he has trouble finding the time for social life.

“It’s tough to find time to hang out with the boys on the side,” said Williams.

Williams played Junior Varsity basketball both his freshman and sophomore year.  This year he will be playing his first year on the Varsity team.  His goals for basketball are to help the team win as many games as possible throughout his junior and senior years.

“My favorite sport to play is basketball because I like the skill it takes to score,” said Williams.

Williams has played defense for the Varsity soccer team both his freshman and sophomore years and is planning to continue to play throughout the rest of high school.  His goal for soccer is to finish his high school career with two successful seasons.

When asked how he would celebrate if he scored in soccer Williams replied, “I would run around and lift my shirt which would reveal the green lantern logo on my undershirt.”

Williams’ football career started when he was a sophomore.  He was asked to be the punter for the varsity football team based on his experience as a soccer player.  Williams hopes to improve his football skills in order to be looked at by colleges and earn a scholarship.

“I’m a punter and even though I’m not on the field a lot I like to boost the guys moral,” said Williams.

In his free time Williams enjoys playing lacrosse, racquetball, foosball, putt-putt, and swimming.  He is the co-founder and secretary of the Athens Drive Foosball Club.  Williams also enjoys having oovoo calls and playing FIFA and NBA 2K with his friends.  He also enjoys participating in fantasy football leagues and claims to be a self taught “fantasy football guru.”

“Ben was a great teammate and he was a great team captain and knew how to motivate people and lead the squad,” said Adrian Al-Khalidi, junior, who was a member of the JV Men’s basketball team along with Williams last year.

Williams is currently in the middle of football season and will have to make a quick transition into basketball season.  Soccer season begins in the spring.