Isabel Soto and Ms. Hilton.

Photos by Zane Perryman

Isabel Soto and Ms. Hilton.

Senior Spotlight Isabel Soto: Dedicated artist

Senior Isabel Soto is a determined artist and student. She spends her time working on art projects in and outside of school, as well as playing video games.

Teachers have recognized her talent for art. Her work has been displayed out in front of the art room, and it’s also been featured in the school yearbook for many to see. 

“She is down to earth, she’s extremely talented and really creative, but also technically really sound and strong,” said Farrall Hilton art teacher. “Her work just has this level of higher quality.”

Soto creates art sometimes as a reflection of her personal experiences. She makes scenes that could seem morbid at first glance, but the meaning behind each piece of art has a deeper story. Whether it be struggling with mental illness or honoring someone who helped in a time of need, Soto creates art from a genuine and personal place.

“It’s meant to look like a really tranquil scene,” said Soto about an art piece of hers, “it’s supposed to be kind of jarring.”

Soto has plans of going to Appalachian State University after high school and wants to go into the art history field. Hilton knows that this goal can be accomplished.

“I’m going to study studio art, and hopefully after that I can get a job in the art history field,” said Soto, “like work in a museum or something like that.”


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