Karolina Luik posing with the jaguar statue outside of Athens Drive high school, in her graduation gown.

Senior Spotlight: Karoliina Luik

Karoliina Luik, senior graduating this year here at Athens Drive High school, will be attending NC State University in the fall. There she will be a part of the University’s Honors College and pursue a degree in Biology. Luik took many different extracurriculars such as co-president for National Art Honors Society (NAHS), co-president for Drone Club, the Media Manager for Environmental Science Club, and was involved with NHS. 

“Passionate” is the word Luik used when asked to describe herself.

 “An obstacle I had to overcome here at Athens was having to figure out my academic life mainly by myself. I am the first in my family to live in America and go through the classic American school system and the college application process,” said Luik. 

Several teachers believe that Luik is a senior who deserves recognition. Luik was a member of classes taught by  Farrall Hilton, art teacher and Ms. Turner, English teacher. 

Hilton describes Luik as “ determined, creative, conscientious, kind and detail-oriented.” Luik has shown Hilton since freshman year that she was a very ambitious student, and she left an impression for being very consistent.. Hilton felt like she could put her trust into Luik without worrying about her overall.

“When I first met Karoliina, she was the only one or the first one who had shown up the earliest to the sidewalk painting; usually more of the upperclassmen are interested in. She showed up ready; she was in the game; she had impressed me early on,” said Hilton. Since the beginning of freshman year, Karoliina has shown her determination to her teachers, and she set herself up for a strong start in her high school years. 

I’ve had the privilege of teaching Karoliina as both a freshman and a senior. It is clear that she has really come into her own and has developed into a remarkable young woman. Her grades are excellent, but what’s more important is that she’s driven, perseveres through a challenge, and can be counted on to get the job done,” said Turner.  Karoliina has been able to build a trusted relationship with her teachers, as well as prove to them that she is determined to complete anything. 

“Her art tended to go more personally her senior year. She took an AP portfolio and her theme was definitely more personal, and I think it definitely forced her to look more inward,” said Hilton.

She’s a phenomenal artist with an eye for detail, and the creative assignments she turns in for AP Lit are always something I look forward to grading,” said Turner. “Most recently, she worked with her group to adapt the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare into a new context – instead of the play taking place in medieval Denmark, the story was set in the Wild West.”

Karolina Luik comes from an immigrant family, and she is the first in her family to go into an American school and do the process herself.  

“I have worked hard all these years and it is finally paying off because of my college acceptance into my top choice of school. And I only have my parents to thank who, despite not being able to help me much, have supported me all along the way.” 

Karolina Luik posing through a passageway of flowers
Karolina Luik watching and carefully taking care of the drone above her, in the Athens Cafe.

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