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Summer Laskey and Brian Harrington pose next to picture of Laskey hung up in the 2800 hallway.

Senior Spotlight: Summer Laskey

Determined. When asked to describe herself in one word, Senior Summer Laskey used the word “determined.” Laskey has proved over and over again that she is a determined young woman who has learned valuable lessons over her time here at Athens Drive. There were a few setbacks in her high school career, but it was nothing she couldn’t overcome. 

“We’ve all gone through Covid and everything like that, which that was just a big part of like using my family as my support system. And then soon after we came back from Covid, I actually broke my hip playing volleyball, and I was out of school for three weeks because of it,” said Laskey. 

Because of her injury, she has had to learn to face hard challenges and learn how to deal with them. She uses her support system to help her through these. 

“I just had to really keep a mindset of like, this is what I want, this is what I’ve worked for, this is what I need to do. I just became really determined to make sure that I came back to school and athletics stronger than I was before. And it was really using my friends and family to help me,” Laskey said. 

Since then, Laksey has had other things going for her. She is now signed to Davidson College for track and field. Alongside track and field, Laskey is also planning on studying biology and pre med fo her career in the medical field.

“No matter if it’s conversation with you, whether it’s an assignment, she’ll always go that extra mile. She will always ask that extra question for clarification. She’s always on the point. She always knows what she’s doing in class at all times, and that point of detail, you just don’t see many people these days,” said Brian Harrington, Laksey’s AP Psychology teacher. 

She also is involved in school activities and extracurriculars like Track and Field, National Honor Society (NHS), NTHS, SNHS, which are the technical and science honor societies. She is also co-president of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) this year. Laskey loves community service and being involved in communities and service organizations. 

“She’s very inquisitive and it’s not about the grade, it’s about the information with her. If so many students are just caught up with, you know, I wanna make this, I wanna make this, and, and she’s more like, well, I wanna learn this, I want to understand this, a lot more than just for simply a grade,” said Harrington. 

Summer has also had a lot of fun memories in her senior year here at the Drive. One of her favorites was the senior breakfast held in the gym on April 27, 2023. 

“We had such a great time reminiscing over everything that’s happened so far because it brought all those great memories together,” said Laskey. 

Laskey likes to think of situations in increments of time. She describes herself as competitive with her brother and she likes to be ahead and on top of things. This helps her with lots of challenges when it comes to her academics. She said she is determined, but she has proved herself over and over.  

“I always just look at things as like increments of time, which is really helpful, like, if I can get through this week, then we’re good. If I can get through these two days, then I’m good,” said Laskey. 


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