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More self awareness is one important way to improve yourself.

Life advice

Life advice is something people search for their entire lives, but what if the advice you were looking for is standing right in front of you. What if what you’re looking for is staring right back at you in the reflection of the mirror. “No one knew what I was going through, and they didn’t know what to tell me when I finally told my story out loud,” I said to myself. 

When people ask someone else for advice, the person will return the things that have happened to them in their past. Instead of asking people, why don’t we ask ourselves. You as a person have gone through your own life experiences, and have probably been through things that other people could never understand. Not because it’s not relatable, but because everyone has a different story and perspective to tell. I have learned so much about myself by just spending time alone. Self reflection has helped me more than any person, friend, or therapist. By saying this I don’t mean that I’ve done it all on my own, but some days it sure feels like that. People have entered my life, and taught me some very valuable lessons. People come and go, that’s just the way of life. What you can do for yourself is take what they taught you, the good and the bad, and you can strive.  I think that when people spend too much time with others, we get caught up in trying to be that person, or being able to repeat every action they commit. 

My life advice to all of the people struggling with being themselves, finding their people, going through their own family issues, struggling with addiction, and even finding their place in the world, is to take a step back and reflect. Reflect on yourself and your actions, the actions that got you to the place you’re in today. Once you’ve reflected, I feel it’s best to ask for help. It’s a hard thing to do. Asking for help makes some feel weak, others vulnerable, and maybe even scared. When you ask for help, remember that you’re doing it for yourself. Your journey of getting better and becoming a new person, should be for you. 

My next piece of life advice is, you can’t heal if you keep pretending it doesn’t hurt. Letting yourself feel the hurt is a part of moving forward. Healing is a big part of living through your day to day life. You have to heal from the big and even the small things, and it takes time. Don’t over stress yourself because you feel you aren’t “healing fast enough”, because there’s no such thing. If you keep waiting for the “right time to heal” you’ll be waiting forever. The truth is, there is no “right time” for anything, so give yourself some grace. Healing is a constant process, and healing doesn’t mean forgetting by any means necessary. 

Give yourself time, because there’s a whole lot of it. You don’t have to do everything at this very moment, and your time will eventually come. Life is a game of sitting, waiting, and jumping on new opportunities, and we’re the pons of this game. Life is what you make it, so give yourself a break, and live. It doesn’t matter how it looks to others, as long as you’re living, and you’re happy with the outcome. 

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