Swim season gets off to a quick start

The ADHS Swim Team begins its 2022 season.

Photos by ADHS Swim Team

The ADHS Swim Team begins its 2022 season.

The Athens Drive Swim team is looking forward to a fresh start to a new season. Swim coach, Shane Barry, is optimistic that Athens Drive will do well this season and believes the team has a promising future. 

“I am excited about the potential that the team has,” said Barry. 

So far the season has been good with Athens Drive placing high in all competitions. Swim team coach Barry is very proud of all the swimmers working so hard on training for swimming 

“All swimmers have proven that they are willing to work hard in their training, while still maintaining high grades.” 

Although coach Barry is optimistic, there are still a number of things that he thinks the team should work on.

“ The biggest issues are starts and turns,” said Coach Barry, “but we have already begun working on those.”

 Coach Barry already has plans on what needs to be practiced. 

“Next will be improving second strokes,” said Barry. 

One Senior swimmer named Blythe Holloway, junior, agrees with Coach Barry that the team could improve on a few of their swimming skills. 

“The team could also improve on smaller details in their technique,” said Holloway.

Along with coach Barry, Holloway sees a bright future for Athens this season and as training continues, the team will continue to get better. 

 Holloway says that the season has been going well so far and so far it is similar to previous seasons. 

“I think the season is off to a good start. We are right about where we have started in previous seasons,” said Holloway. 

Holloway is optimistic about how the rest of the season will play out. “I think we will continue to grow and get better as a team as the training continues.”